London Planetree (Platanus hybrida Brot.)

also known as: Sycamore, also commonly designated as Platanus x acerifolia


Division - Magnoliaphyta
Class - Magnoliopsida
Subclass - Hamamelidae
Order - Hamamelidales
Family - Platanaceae
Genus - Platanus


The London planetree is a natural hybrid between the American sycamore and the oriental planetree. It is difficult to distinguish between the London planetree and the American sycamore except for the double fruit cluster on the planetree, where an American sycamore would have only one.


The London planetree is a common tree for urban planting, as it shows an incredible resilience not shared by either parent. It is commonly planted in parks and along walks. While it is nearly impossible to distinguish a very young tree, if it sprouts within a block from a park or other site wooded with London planetrees and no American sycamores are nearby, one can assume it is a London planetree.



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