Links to Weed and Wildflower Resources on the Internet.


The U.S.D.A. PLANTS National Database.

Penn State's Directory for Invasive Weeds of the Northeast.

Weed Identification: a joint project of the University of Georgia's Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health and the Weed Science Society of America.

University of Missouri: Weed ID Guide.

Purdue University: Common Weeds of No-Till Cropping Systems.

University of Maryland: Lawn Weed Identification.

NCSU Turf Files. Weed Identification.

Iowa State: Weed Science.

The Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery.


Wildflowers of Northeastern & Northcentral U.S.A..

My Wildflowers: Wildflowers from the Trails of Western Pennsylvania and Beyond.

Wildflower Information .org.

The Wildflowers in bloom photo album.

Field and Swamp: Wildflowers.


Penn State Extension: Common Grasses Found in Pennsylvania Hay and Pasture Fields: Identification Matrix.

Aquatic Plants:

University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants.

Non-Flowering Plants:

Lichens of North America.

Fungi of Delaware.


The Pennsylvania Flora Project of Morris Arboretum.

Wildflowers and Trees of Western Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania: Common Garden Weeds.

New Jersey and Delaware:

The New Jersey Weed Gallery.

Delaware Wildflowers.


Mound: Our Weeds (NYC).

The Connecticut Botanical Society.

Wildflowers of Rhode Island.

The UMass Weed Herbarium.


The Flora of Southwest Virginia.

Wild Flowers and Plants of North Carolina.


Prairie Wildflowers of Illinois.

Idaho's Noxious Weeds.

Iowa State University: Iowa's Noxious Weeds.

Further West:

Utah State University: Range Plants of Utah.

Far Away From Home:

Plants of Styria.