Dodder (Cuscuta)

also known as: Angel's Hair, Devilguts, Devil's Hair, Devil's Ringlet, Goldthread, Hailplant, Hairweed, Hell Bind, Love Vine, Pull Down, Stranglevine, Strangleweed, Tangle Gut, Witches' Shoelaces, etc.


Division - Magnoliaphyta
Class - Magnoliopsida
Subclass - Asteridae
Order - Solanales
Family - Cuscutaceae
Genus - Cuscuta
Status - Annual

There are about 150 different species of dodder, but I cannot differentiate between them. Dodder is a true flowering plant, but it is also a parasite, without chlorophyll, incapable of gaining food or water without a host plant. Many of the species are host-specific, but others will host on a number of plants.


Dodder is one of the USDA's top ten weeds, dangerous because it can only be killed by acid sprays or flames. They are in the same order as morning glories and bindweed, other horrible entangling weeds.




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